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Are Conspiracy theories at the root of most of the bullshit cures?

Let’s look at Conspiracy theories and how they affect us

Why do people believe what they believe? Who believes these conspiracy theories and why? Are conspiracy theories dangerous?

I believe conspiracy theories can be very dangerous when these beliefs keep people from properly dissecting the facts when it comes to cancer care. When people believe that the medical system is rigged to keep us sick and that the entire medical profession is only out for profits then poor care decisions often follow.

Some vitamins, supplements, and special diets can be helpful but some can also interact with conventional care in a negative way.

I know you have seen, been offered or experienced alternative or holistic “cures” for cancer reputed to be hidden from us by greedy corporate interests. There are numerous recent documentaries on this.  Do you really believe that if there was a cure for such a horrible disease that it could be hidden? How is it possible that so many people could keep such a big secret? There is a simple answer! It simply isn’t possible!

Why do people believe that vaccines are dangerous even when this has been thoroughly  disproven? Why do so many people believe that climate change is a hoax or that the moon landing was filmed in Hollywood and was fake. In spite of  all evidence to the contrary?  Why?

Of course everyone knows about Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. Here was a super wealthy and intelligent man who trusted alternative medicine over western medicine and it may have cost him his life. Even the most intelligent of us can be duped into believing bullshit when we are desperately searching for hope and answers.

Conspiracy theorists cut across political party lines and are more prevalent than we would think. In general most people who believe in conspiracy theories have lower incomes and somewhat lower educational levels but not always. It has been theorized that people need to blame some outside force for what they don’t have or haven’t achieved. Or that people need to explain and feel sure of what may seem unexplainable.

Believing these ideas is like joining a club where all members reinforce the belief system and everyone feels better. It matters to us in the who are facing cancer every day because without conspiracy theories these cancer cure myths could not be perpetrated.

A conspiracy theory  is defined by four characteristics:

(1) a group of people

(2) are acting in secret

(3) to alter institutions, usurp power, hide truth, or gain power

(4) at the expense of the common good.

Alex Jones the King of conspiracy! This fear monger is all about the moey and truly this guy needs better drugs!

The problem is that once these sometimes crazy scientifically untested ideas have taken hold they just keep getting shared around the globe without any real fact-checking.  “Since I heard it from my friend who I trust why wouldn’t  I believe it?”

Then possibly sometimes there is a kernel of truth and it might have worked once or twice. But it hasn’t met the stringent test of the scientific process for proof!

So why then does the cancer conspiracy theory refuse to die? The cynical answer is that it provides a useful get-out for those pushing alternative cures, supplements, seminars and diet plans. Crying conspiracy gives charlatans an easy way to either dismiss scientific evidence opposing their claims or to explain away a lack of supporting data.

If you look closely you will see the common thread of conspiracy in many of these BS cures!

Here are but a few headlines as an example:

                                                              Dr. Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover Up”

“10 Natural Cancer Treatments Revealed” Dr.Axe

“Cancer: The Forbidden Cures” documentary

“The Real Reason Why Potential Natural Cancer Cures Are Kept Secret” Ty Bolinger

“How Medicare Doctors are Paid to Keep You Sick (video)”  Dr. Irvin Sahni

“Why the cancer industry is TERRIFIED of this docu-series… the truth comes out!”  Mike Adams  The Health Ranger

                                                 “Chemotherapy Spreading Cancer”  Dr.Mercola                                                                   

The end of Cancer: A  hidden cure with  DR. Mark Sirus


Did they scare you enough yet?

The list is endless and the theme always pretty much the same. Of course, these guys hang out together and create big conferences together because that perpetuates the myths and keeps the energy going. It also gives them more credibility in many people’s eyes.

Just as a bonus these promoted cures create a great income. These folks make some serious income between the fees for attendance of their conferences and their “health products”.  As Ty Bolinger says the Quest for a Cure “changed my life”. Yes, I bet it did!  It was truly is an amazing marketing feat.  Follow the money!

“William of Occam a 14th-century philosopher and Franciscan friar is celebrated for developing the “law of parsimony,” better known today as “Occam’s razor.” According to the razor principle, the simplest explanation for an event is almost always the best; shave away any extraneous assumptions, and what you’ve got left is usually the truth.”

  Always dig deeper on everything and try to discover what to believe.

                                                                                                       So here’s how we figure it out!

Use my 10 point test to discover the bullshit in natural cures


 1.   Does it reek of conspiracy theory? Does it really sound believable?

 2.   Are you being asked to throw common sense out to consider it?

 3.   Has it been scientifically studied and if so was the research done well? What were the results? Was it a proper peer-reviewed study? How many people were in the study? Don’t be fooled by small studies that are not conducted properly.

4.  Are the people recommending these cures using only anecdotal proof? As in; it worked for my father, my grandmother, my brother etc.  But remember….Doctors once used leeches to treat people. Not signing up for that either!

5.  What are the people who recommend these cures selling?  Maybe not at first blush but almost everyone is selling something at the end. Most often it is supplements and unregulated products. What do they have to gain?

6. Are scare tactics being used to get you to open your mind to their ideas?

7. Who are the Doctors that are used to bolster the “proof” that the cures work? What are their reputations and credentials? This is extremely important. Does anyone have any education that pertains?

8. What else do these folks believe in? Is it other mystical BS or do they think like you?

9. Friends and family just feel powerless and will send ideas of cures just hoping something might be the answer that you are looking for. Treat them gently as these are sent with love.

10. Ask the smartest best-educated people you know and trust what they think. Does it pass their bullshit test?

Remember:  We are all susceptible to outside influences. In your circumstances though, considering what to do and what approaches to combine are probably critical decisions for your future.

So unless you believe the earth is flat and that science is worthless you will want to take a deep breath and apply these standards critically.


I admit to believing some of these at first glance and we even tried some odd things.

                               In the end, each treatment decision is a very deeply personal one which is best made with more information! Want help or support or need more information?

                                               Drop us a note we respond to all email. 

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